Skinny Feels is proud to present their new EP Process Music. Algo-rhythmically generated tones with a side-order of noise and occasionally distortion. For those that like listening to Reich or Eno in a bin, underneath an overpass. By a sawmill.

Process Music. An EP by Skinny Feels. Digital Download. Dark and disturbing generative music for the frail of mind. Released 06-MAY-2022

  • Process I 07:07
  • Process II 06:57
  • Process III 05:47
  • Process IV 07:34
  • Process V 05:07

Bonus tracks:

  • Process VI 19:56
  • Process VII 21:00

These are all 16bit .wav files.

Get it below and support your artist. Alternatively, get it without the bonus track over on Bandcamp.